RAJGUI Consulting Inc.    


Our company is built on the principles of making quality and reliable service. Our diversified service range continues to grow by following trends, improving our standard services, and listening to the customer. Everything we do at RAJGUI is anchored on our commitment to deliver the best value for our clients and reflected in terms of responsiveness, quality, consistency and competitive fees.

We focus on understanding and meeting the needs of clients from a wide variety of industries through a state of the art marketing intelligence monitoring system, participation in professional and trade organizations and involving key people with select industry  experience. Our intimate knowledge of industry issues and practices increase the value of our offered services. Since we have active alliances and partnerships all over the global marketplace, there is a big chance that what you require and need, we can offer or at least, network you to a living and real organization that has expertise on that field.

Our bread and butter is strategic planning - with a core emphasis on the development of the corporate vision and mission. We believe in the organization and its long term viability and have been a fanatic for corporate business planning / strategic planning and strategy formulation. We do custom built corporate training and are partial to team / team building.

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