Founders / Principals

Judy Guinto, President

Judy Guinto has over twenty years of extensive experience analyzing, designing, implementing and enhancing financial, media and pharmaceutical systems in a multi-platform environment. She is a top notch IT consultant who has worked in the Philippines, Australia and the US. She has collaborated with Fortune 500 companies in the US as well as media and publishing, airline, health and pharmaceutical companies and third party IT companies. She earned her BS Math with honors from PNC and graduated from the National Computer Institute in the Philippines. She is an avid reader and a volleyball fan, specially to her daughter who is an awesome libero. Attended the CICM run Paco Catholic School in Manila.

Romeo T. Guinto, Managing Director

Romeo T. Guinto is a hands-on, down to earth manager with interests in technology, small business, education and training. Holds a post graduate certificate in Japanese Studies (Boeki Kensyu Center / international Institute for Studies and Training, Japan), MBA (De La Salle University), and BS Math for Teachers (Philippine Normal College).  Experience includes teaching in the best college and university in Manila, lots of years  spent in public service/governance (worked for the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Philippines and as an LDP party executive)  food service, manufacturing, cattle raising and farming, mining, construction and information technology. Hobbies include gardening, woodworking, training and spending time with the family's adopted dog Lenny, listening to band music as well as concert and jazz bands (due mainly to own kids involvement), stumbling websites, watching volleyball games and most importantly, reading!  Attended the CICM run Saint Louis University Boys' High in Baguio City.

Listed in Who's Who in America 2003.

Norbert V. Gatan, Director

Norbert V. Gatan is a one-of-a-kind workaholic whose normal day schedule looks like 24/7! Holds degrees in MBA (De La Salle University) and BS Industrial  Engineering (Adamson University). Currently engaged with three food processing/service companies and developing bpo projects in the Philippines and China. He is a financial whiz, everything that he touches turns to gold! Previous engagement in manufacturing, service, government and educational sectors and construction. (Credited with the introduction and professionalizing concrete pumping in the Philippines).  He is a certified barista, loves new age music, tinkers with the latest gizmo and just loves to read and travel. Attended the CICM run Saint Louis School in Solano, Nueva Vizcaya.

RAJGUI Consulting Inc. maintains a core group of SMEs (subject matter experts) to address varying client needs and presently, has affiliation in Japan, Germany, United Kingdom and Australia.